Total Environmental Solution Provider





Implementation of the cutting-edge environmental technology for
bringing values and benefits to the customers!
technology for custom value creation!

ustainability, numerous firms take fierce competition for the survival, In this competitive environment, as leader of renewable energy technology of converting waste resources, SEOJIN ENERGY has runs its business with the biogas technologies, using highly

concentrated organic waste resources and with the treatment & recycling of industrial wastewater and sewage. For such business regime, SEOJIN ENERGY has been a true expert and market leader in the world, competing against other global companies. The technological know-hows of SEOJIN ENERGY obtained for
many years, including the Korea’s first Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) technology, will help to overcome the environmental global issues by providing the best solutions for the domestic market as well as the foreign markets, To actively deal with a new global paradigm in the rapidly changing environmental industry, we established a management philosophy and business mottos as follows: Value creation for the customers (Customer First), Implementation of craftsmanship and skillfulness and Human oriented management and leadership Equipped with the most advanced technologies of anaerobic digestion technology coupled with tubular membrane, and aerobic sewage & Wastewater treatment technology coupled with the submerged hollow fiber integrates with scouring air system and the innovative ammonia stripping technology, SEOJIN ENERGY
will do the best as Total Solution Provider with highly skillful craftsmanship for creating the values for the customers.